Package org.jdrupes.vmoperator.manager

package org.jdrupes.vmoperator.manager
The following diagram shows the components of the manager application.

In framework terms, the Manager is the root component of the application. Two of its child components, the Controller and the WebGui provide the functions that are apparent to the user.

The position of the components in the component tree is important when writing the configuration file for the manager and therefore shown below. In order to keep the diagram readable, the components attached to the WebConsole are shown in a separate diagram further down.

Manager components

Component hierarchy of the web console:

Web console components

The components marked as “<<internal>>” have no configuration options or use their default values when used in this application.

As an example, the following YAML configures a different port for the GUI and some users. The relationship to the component tree should be obvious.

    port: 8888

Developers may also be interested in the usage of channels by the application’s components:

Main channels