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Welcome to Keycloak-Moodle-Auth

This project is not about configuring OIDC in Moodle!

This project provides a Keycloak extension that uses a Moodle instance for authentication (and registration).

Note that this extension probably shouldn’t exist. You need it only if you require an OIDC provider for some application (OIDC being supported by most systems nowadays) and one of the following reasons apply:

How it works

The authenticator requires the REST web services to be enabled in the Moodle installation. When a user enters his username and password in the form, these credentials are used to authenticate against the REST API. If the authentication is successful, the user is authenticated with Keycloak. If the user didn’t exist in the realm yet, an account is created automatically, using the information obtained from Moodle for email and first and last name. Note that the password is never stored in Keycloak.

Realm configuration

Create an authentication flow that uses the “Moodle Username Password Form”.

To ensure a consistent user experience, the following realm settings are recommended: