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The Manager

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The Web-GUI

The manager component provides a GUI via a web server. The web GUI is implemented using components from the JGrapes WebConsole project. Configuration of the GUI therefore follows the conventions of that framework.

The structure of the configuration information should be easy to understand from the examples provided. In general, configuration values are applied to the individual components that make up an application. The hierarchy of the components is reflected in the configuration information because components are “addressed” by their position in that hierarchy. (See the package description for information about the complete component structure.)

Network access

By default, the service is made available at port 8080 of the manager pod. Of course, a kubernetes service and an ingress configuration must be added as required by the environment. (See the definition from the sample deployment).

User Access

Access to the web GUI is controlled by the login conlet. The framework does not include sophisticated components for user management. Rather, it assumes that an OIDC provider is responsible for user authentication and role management.

  # "/GuiSocketServer":
  #   port: 8080
    # This configures the GUI
          # Starting with version 2.3.0 the preferred approach is to
          # configure an OIDC provider for user management and
          # authorization. See the text for details.
          oidcProviders: {}
          # Support for "local" users is provided as a fallback mechanism.
          # Note that up to Version 2.2.x "users" was an object with user names
          # as its properties. Starting with 2.3.0 it is a list as shown.
            - name: admin
              fullName: Administrator
              password: "Generate hash with bcrypt"
            - name: test
              fullName: Test Account
              password: "Generate hash with bcrypt"
        # Required for using OIDC, see the text for details.
        # May be used for assigning roles to both local users and users from
        # the OIDC provider. Not needed if roles are managed by the OIDC provider.
            # User admin has role admin
            - admin
            # Non-privileged users are users
            - user
            # All users have role other
            - other
          replace: false
        # Manages the permissions for the roles.
            # Admins can use all conlets
            - "*"
            # Users can use the viewer conlet
            - org.jdrupes.vmoperator.vmviewer.VmViewer
            # Others cannot use any conlet (except login conlet to log out)
            # Up to version 2.2.x
            # - org.jgrapes.webconlet.locallogin.LoginConlet
            # Starting with version 2.3.0
            - org.jgrapes.webconlet.oidclogin.LoginConlet

How local users can be configured should be obvious from the example. The configuration of OIDC providers for user authentication (and optionally for role assignment) is explained in the documentation of the login conlet. Details about the RoleConfigurator and RoleConletFilter can also be found in the documentation of the JGrapes WebConsole project.

The configuration above allows all users with role “admin” to use all GUI components and users with role “user” to only use the viewer conlet, i.e. the User view. The fallback role “other” allows all users to use the login conlet to log out.


The configuration of the components that provide the manager and users views is explained in the respective sections.